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Alpha: more than a name, a mindset

“Fail fast, learn fast”

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein

Paradoxically, there is no real success without failure. When we create something totally new, we can never really be sure of the result. Experimenting leads to real innovation: one that will be successful. That’s something that entrepreneurs have understood!

IFS.alpha has been inspired by entrepreneurs’ mindset, their ability to imagine disruptive ideas and to bring them to life. What do we consider to be entrepreneurs’ key skills?

Audacity, engagement and perseverance.

That’s where our mantra came from: Let’s dare!

But to dare, we must have the right to fail. That’s why we have built a safe space: a cocoon, open to all IFS’ employees ready to dare.

Alpha waves

The Alpha waves are the predominant frequencies in our brain’s total activity. Our brain radiates with different frequencies at a time, each of them with different amplitude. Alpha waves incorporate all these frequencies, between 8,5 and 12 Hz.

According to the parapsychologist and doctor Andrija Puarich, frequencies between 8 and 12 Hz match with meditative states. It is funny that these brain waves occur in the left hemisphere, the one associated with language and analytical abilities!

Just imagine: to combine our left brain’s qualities – problem solving oriented – and meditation’s benefits on memory, concentration and stress reduction: isn’t it an alliance favourable to innovation?

This is where our name, ‘IFS.alpha’, comes from: a mix between International Financial Services – our home within BNP Paribas – and Alpha waves – the equivalent of an intermediary state, where image production or visual stimuli are most welcome.

The propagation of the Alpha wave

A wave is a distortion, a disruption or a vibration that travels in a given environment. It modifies this environment and has an impact on it.

At IFS.alpha, we aim to develop products that will impact both users and society, and we also aim to transform BNP Paribas’ current ways of working. The idea of transformation and transmission is the genesis of our initiative.

A year and a half after commencing its journey, the IFS.alpha wave is still going strong and is having an impact within the Group and beyond. It has given birth to an ecosystem steeped in the IFS.alpha culture. Every member of this ecosystem becomes an ambassador for audacity, failure acceptation and co-creation within an ecosystem always greater than the sum of its parts.

This ambition appears in our new logo: a symbol of our diversified and rapidly expanding ecosystem, and of our will to share our experience and culture.


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